Two Blondes and A Redhead

The List

Zac Efron51Wentworth MillerIan Somerhalder118Robert Downey Jr.

Sure he’s kinda old now but you have to admit…he was pretty damn hott when he was youngerPaul Walker

Jesse Spencer Hes pretty and has an accent, major brownie points :)

John Patrick Amedori how can you not love someone thats cute like this and that has a sense of humor? really…hes the ideal class clown

johnnydepp Johnny is just hott…lets leave it at that

james-rodayHaha Psyche! and again with the humor
Milo Ventimiglia hehe <3 his smile. he’s my hero

james_franco_97 i wanted him to beat spidey man…oh well. he makes a hot druggie
No worries, we’ll add on (:
And on that note, I think I WILL…
Here is my list:
3I don’t think anyone in the history of mankind could be hotter than him!!!!!! DISAGREE. I never got why everyone thought he was hella hott…sure hes cute. But hes like, puppy dog cute. not true! tom welling has perfect DNA.
And the rest-

oh jesus! the disney channel tween sensations have infiltrated our list. hah. i think i’ll feed it on. 10there you go. ethan craft and gordo pwn zac efron, david henrie and that other diney disney? guy. burn. haha if youre gonna throw punches you might wanna hit hard, and thats not easy to do unless you know how to spell ;)Ok, ok. David goes. But Gordo stays. Fo eva.


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