Two Blondes and A Redhead

check it out:

highlight of my day :)

haha so yesterday was kind of a bad day, for a lot of reasons, but after I looked at, i felt muuch better about my day :)




Q: What does D.A.M stand for?

A: Mothers Against Dyslexia

Okay so the other week I woke up early on a Saturday morning. Why? Because there was a frog outside my animal making REALLY LOUD croaking noises. Yes good morning to you to Mr. Frog.



Upside Down

I dont know why but this made me seriously LOL. Silly panda!

Ive decided to start a joke of the week to…spice up our frog food :)

Q: What do you get when you cross an insomniac, an agnostic, and a dyslexic?

A: Someone who can’t get to sleep while pondering the existence of “Dog. Satan


Here you go frog. I hope this will sustain you. Hahaha. I find it funny that people think we have a frog. Take, for example, U. He was like

“You have a frog?!”

and I said “uh… yeah”

“what do you feed it, crickets?”

“No. I feed it. Um… frog… food…” (BTW, i’m not exactly sure you can buy a bag of ‘frog food’)

“where do you keep it, in a tank?”

“we keep it in… a container… with a SCREEN on it”

So… I wasn’t completely lying. Haha. And… I have a feeling I’ll be updating alot this weekend…..

I used to have frogs! They started out as teeny tiny little sperm-like tadpoles and ended up as little frogs. I cant remember what we fed them though…not the same food we feed our frog now (;



I thought it might deserve its own post….

!!!!!!!! Didn’t I explain this yesterday?! No dice with that one person about that one school thing coming up…really soon, actually. But he did get closer!! He said “Hey, wanna go—” and then he stopped :/ i don’t know what’s worse! NOTHING happening, or only getting half way there! and then to try to pull it out of him, I said:

((((purple =him))))

“oh did you say something?”

“what? no”

“no! i heard you!”

“blah blah blah”

“ohh that’s not nice–you said something, and i said ‘what’ and you say ‘blah blah blah’?!” <with a sarcastic tone

and then that was it.

well Id call it progress…kinda. Just smack him upside the head and if he still doesnt get it then ask him yourself. sure it kinda takes away the fun of being asked but heck youll at least have a date…

food food food food. Here you go frog. On the topic: wellllll… my ‘pinion is that he is just scared. That, or maybe he had a piece of trash in his hands, and then he was going to say “Hey do you wanna go [throw this away for me]?” Juuuust kidding. And btw, I am not sure who this mystery person IS. My ‘pinion is not validated without proper knowledge of the situation. But I figured i would feed the frog anyways.


first of all: THANK YOU FOR FEEDING THE FROG BUTTERCUP! hehe…secondly: thankth for the ‘pinions, guyth.. thirdly: so today was not eventful in that area either… but! we were in a certain place and someone else said to him something like ‘oh, did you ask–‘and then something in a whisper..and he, the mystery guy, said ‘shh wha? no, i heard what you said, but just dont talk about’ so! then iiii said ‘secrets don’t make friends, so you should tell me’ and he wouldn’t! which PROBABLY means tomorrow is still a chance! yayyy

oh, and about the secret guy’s identity, buttercup, you know who it is…that one guy who looks the one from last year…?

haha yeah..and lets get something else to frog about!!




ps…where the hell is buttercup?! she needs to feed the frog!


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