Two Blondes and A Redhead



So Buttercup and I went to see it last night with a bunch of friends, and despite the mutterings going on when we bought the tickets EVERYONE liked it!

Even dem boysss.

So I find it necessary to ask, what did we learn from yet another Disney movie?

1. Do drugs, they’re fun and will change you into a handsome prince (or a frog…)

2. Disney movies still have hidden comments that little kids won’t understand. Buttercup do you remember that one line that had the whole theater laughing? I don’t remember what was said but it was on the verge of being inapropro :)

3. During the movie, sitting next to Shoe, I found out that she laughs at the worst times in a movie. There were a couple of moments during the movie when I looked over and found myself saying “Not funnayyy” a la the kid in “Blood”.

Okay I seem to have issues with lists. Time for reinforcements Buttercup.


Buttons! Buttons! Oh nooooooez. Don’t let them put the buttons on your eyes.

Buttercup decided to protest and made us go see Coraline. I will admit that it didnt completely suck, but it was highly predictable. And  I dunno about you guys but the story would have been kinda scary for kids…I mean a scantly clad old lady with boobs the size…of a watermelon. EACH! That added on top of the 3D hands reaching out etc…I would be having nightmares for about a month.

jeez, Bubbles, don’t be so JEAAAALOUS!

XP just messin…anyway, ’scantily clad’ reminds me of dinner yesterday haha; get it guys? well, anyway, so since ‘he’s just not that into you’ was sold-out, so it was coraline or nothing, T bailed, but it was okay…we got 3d glasses, which is nice…


1) the beginning of the movie was the best. if you download it/stream it online, because its not reaaally worth $11 then at least watch the intro, its great

2) i want an ‘other mother’ :/ mine’s great, but an ‘other mother’ has like…cake! and magic mice!and likes to play creepy games, not to mention steal little kids souls.

that reminds me…i hate kids

me too..yay for adopting kids who aren’t little and annoying, but no adopting yet!

3) real parents seem pathetic compared to pretend parents :/ which is why i really don’t understand why coraline wanted to save her lameass parents..? because there has to be a moral to the story. kind of a “dont know wht youve got till youre gone”

4) the freaky ghost children sounded like they were giving instructions for a video game “miss! press “A” twice to jump on the plants in the garden to get a ghost eye!”

Well like creepy ghost parents. And catz. And buttons. So, HA! burn.


so today, bubbles and i (along with our friend, T.) saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop

eh, didn’t REALLY want to see it (surprised, bubbles? lol i know, i was pushing to go see it…) not entirely surprised but heck nothing else was playing so who was i to argue? but i didn’t want to see it because when a movie about a mall cop becomes number one at the box office, you know there must be something wrong with society in general…even though it was kinda funny..minus the little girl kicking my chair and her dad yelling at her to “SIT DOWN!” pero, en espanol, no ingles..i must admit, she did start screaming really loudly and kicking my chair at the right times, like when he was jumping from one building to another on a segway still not any less annoying a mon avis

we went, because (as always) there is

except for maybe trick-or-treating on new years….hahaha

or in may, haha

well, nothing that doesn’t get REALLY old REALLY fast

BUT ANYWAY–so here is what i can remember that i learned:

1) I want a Segway, because they look so cool in the movie

2) I’m definitely going to stay in school so that I won’t become a mall cop :/ dont forget though that the bad guy (the original one) was a highschool dropout…and he was a total BADASS

3) People who seem like losers are SO much more bad ass when it turns out that they’re bad guys he grew on me i must admit. like i thought he was okay in the very begining but when he revealed that he was the evil mastermind…so hotttt i know, right?! like, in the beginning, when they went to american joe’s, i was like, well he looks kinda shlumpy and hunched over and eh but as soooon as he was in the bank, he became SO HOT! i don’t know what happened! but it was great!

4) Sometimes movies would have been better if the bad guys won, especially in this movie, because they were so cool! like, bmx meets medium-scale robbery just like eagle eye would have been better if shia not-buff (or whatever-his-name-is) had died haha shia not-buff xD and it would have been…i bet that movie still would have sucked, though

5) mall cops < police officers < SWAT officer.. obvious, right? but they reaally push this idea in the movie

6) He’s not the bad guy, the other guy is the bad guy..wait no, that other other guy’s the bad guy dont forget all the bad reindeer i will never think of reindeer ever again..they’ll always be associated with badass bmx-ers hah

7) If Paul Blart can get the big eyed girl, there is hope for everyone…yes, even you and theres where the adam sandler humor comes in. he can convince people that the fat mall cop can snag the bug-eyed pretty girl even though she also has a hot (or not) pen sales man on her tail too… that’s true, that’s true…it was very sandler..i  thought the pen guy was ok looking until that one bmx guy showed up and then the drop-out became the mastermind..then he just looked lame. and he was a tattle tale..which is noooot nice

So, in summation, he will get you next time he sees you, he will

paulblartor at least that’s what T. and bubbles said to me….

i believe i said that “the next time i see you i will put a bullet through your head” quoting the bad guy (the ORIGINAL ONE!)

haha oh yeah, my bad…soo just watch out for evil reindeer & i guess santa clause? would the drop-out/bad guy become santa if he were in charge…?

much luff,



oh, and the crude/sexual comment for today comes from paul blart: well, first of all, the context is that paul is trying to hit on the big eyed girl who works at the wig kiosk, so he’s asking her if she has any wigs for men

“oh, well do you do men?”

“wait, no, I mean, do you do men’s hair?”



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