Two Blondes and A Redhead

wowza it’s been a long time!

Posted on: March 11, 2010

so when i couldn’t sign into the blog, i went to and let me tell you, it was hiiiiighlarious. i can’t remember which one of you posted it but srsly, KUDOS

in response to such funniness, i present these:

^^^ my friend showed me these. there are tonssss more of them too. so after watching these, we came across:

and i gotta say, no offense to Christianity, but i thought that was really funny x) or really clever i guess…

i’ve missed the frog!! I wonder if U still thinks it’s an actual frog haha you guys have to let me know.

so now that we’re blogging again (i’m gonna make an honest effort to, anyway!) what do we blog about? Scandalous things? Eh, i guess, but that would be tricky because a) i am no longer with bubbles and buttercup daily ;( and b) blogging about drama leads to baaad things. i think we all remember last year’s facebook incident? (which i think we still have somewhere?)

I think we need to decide what to frog about. Funni stuffz fa sho…and GG! i haven’t watched the last episode yet but i’m SO excited that it’s back on!

in summation,

badger badger badger badger badger badger badger…..etc etc


<3 Blossom


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