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Hi, I’m crocheting.

except i’m not because buttercup is.

so today is sunday

the day of the sun

or like sundae,

the ice cream

damn, this is like, poetry, except not

my friends are silly, they cut out pictures of my face and taped them onto magazine pictures. not that that’s revelant, or anything

so, tell your friends about my frog

because thats what nice poeple do.



check it out:

highlight of my day :)

haha so yesterday was kind of a bad day, for a lot of reasons, but after I looked at, i felt muuch better about my day :)



Q: What does D.A.M stand for?

A: Mothers Against Dyslexia

Okay so the other week I woke up early on a Saturday morning. Why? Because there was a frog outside my animal making REALLY LOUD croaking noises. Yes good morning to you to Mr. Frog.



Upside Down

I dont know why but this made me seriously LOL. Silly panda!


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