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Ive decided to start a joke of the week to…spice up our frog food :)

Q: What do you get when you cross an insomniac, an agnostic, and a dyslexic?

A: Someone who can’t get to sleep while pondering the existence of “Dog. Satan



Here you go frog. I hope this will sustain you. Hahaha. I find it funny that people think we have a frog. Take, for example, U. He was like

“You have a frog?!”

and I said “uh… yeah”

“what do you feed it, crickets?”

“No. I feed it. Um… frog… food…” (BTW, i’m not exactly sure you can buy a bag of ‘frog food’)

“where do you keep it, in a tank?”

“we keep it in… a container… with a SCREEN on it”

So… I wasn’t completely lying. Haha. And… I have a feeling I’ll be updating alot this weekend…..

I used to have frogs! They started out as teeny tiny little sperm-like tadpoles and ended up as little frogs. I cant remember what we fed them though…not the same food we feed our frog now (;



I thought it might deserve its own post….

!!!!!!!! Didn’t I explain this yesterday?! No dice with that one person about that one school thing coming up…really soon, actually. But he did get closer!! He said “Hey, wanna go—” and then he stopped :/ i don’t know what’s worse! NOTHING happening, or only getting half way there! and then to try to pull it out of him, I said:

((((purple =him))))

“oh did you say something?”

“what? no”

“no! i heard you!”

“blah blah blah”

“ohh that’s not nice–you said something, and i said ‘what’ and you say ‘blah blah blah’?!” <with a sarcastic tone

and then that was it.

well Id call it progress…kinda. Just smack him upside the head and if he still doesnt get it then ask him yourself. sure it kinda takes away the fun of being asked but heck youll at least have a date…

food food food food. Here you go frog. On the topic: wellllll… my ‘pinion is that he is just scared. That, or maybe he had a piece of trash in his hands, and then he was going to say “Hey do you wanna go [throw this away for me]?” Juuuust kidding. And btw, I am not sure who this mystery person IS. My ‘pinion is not validated without proper knowledge of the situation. But I figured i would feed the frog anyways.


first of all: THANK YOU FOR FEEDING THE FROG BUTTERCUP! hehe…secondly: thankth for the ‘pinions, guyth.. thirdly: so today was not eventful in that area either… but! we were in a certain place and someone else said to him something like ‘oh, did you ask–‘and then something in a whisper..and he, the mystery guy, said ‘shh wha? no, i heard what you said, but just dont talk about’ so! then iiii said ‘secrets don’t make friends, so you should tell me’ and he wouldn’t! which PROBABLY means tomorrow is still a chance! yayyy

oh, and about the secret guy’s identity, buttercup, you know who it is…that one guy who looks the one from last year…?

haha yeah..and lets get something else to frog about!!




ps…where the hell is buttercup?! she needs to feed the frog!

Mondays are usually very busy, too slow or too fast, and full of opportunities to mess up. Yup, today was deeefinitely a Monday. But on top of too much homework, today was an ‘extra special’ Monday for me.

First of all: I honestly don’t get how someone cannot get the hints that you might want to maybe go to that one dance that’s coming up with them. I practically SAID ‘hey, you’re not going with anyone, I’m not going with anyone, let’s go together!’ But the point is to be asked out! AH-GREED! ive been trying to explain that to plenty of people but they just dont fricking understand! Ugh! To any boy who reads this in the future: If it sounds like she wants to go, even if your not sure, just ask the poor girl. purty pleaseeee?!

Secondly: Not to be crude, but never wear loose fitting jeans to a sandbox…Today for the comm serv I do, I got to play in the sandbox with lots and lots of¬†munchkins…everything was going fine, you know things like sand pancakes, and digging holes etc, until they decided it would be funny to dog pile on top of me and put sand down my pants…not gonna say anything else, but try, maybe, gym shorts or spandex, but not loose fitting jeans…I still am sandy :( yet another reason not to have kids! i am sooooo adopting

anyway, hope your Monday doesn’t suck as much as Mondays do!


Here goes.

It is common knowledge around campus that the last CYC dance on Friday the 16th of January there was a lot of drinking and “innapropriate” behavior. Freshman PR was actually arrested but like, i’m confused, because someone told me that you can’t actually be ‘arrested’ for drinking under ag..just for buying alcohol..? true? not sure…for her involvement and was tried and tested with a JC yesterday. She was supposed to have gotten her results back today…anyone know the outcome? no dice…buttercup? No se. I didn’t even know about the JC.

My main question of deep, intelectual thought (ha!) love it xp is what the fuck are people thinking doing drugs and drinking when they KNOW they are gonna get caught? Take miss JB last year, smoking in her friggin Casco. Not to mention everyone that attended the infamous party a few weeks ago i don’t know, i was talking to someone a few days ago and they were really stressed out and said that they would never do anything, but that they could relate to people who turned to drugs or alcohol as stress relievers…i mean, its probably also a cry for help, either that or they are just…stupid..they called people’s parents about that party! my god, i would like, lock my self in my room! haha not really…but still. psht, i guess there are probably a loooot of people still ‘on the loose.’ My question is: why does the school get so involved? I mean, it IS a day student getting doing things outside of school. I think unschool related things should be dealt with outside of school. mmm well, i agree, but i guess it IS their policy: on campus or off…

On a completely separate note….its studyhall still and my roommate has done absolutely nothing involving learning. ehhem..who watches ‘lost’..? I DO! Season 5 babyyyyy. love love love love. just wondering..haha i know :/ and then lately second half, my roomate’s friends have been coming over..and oy, not only is it not school related whatsoever during studyhall, its in korean too! i have no problem with koreans…its just especially hard to focus :( I wish she would also figure out that just because you have headphones in doesnt mean that you can turn your music up hella loud and I wont hear it. Like really? Haha and now shes trying to actually sleep. With music her music so loud I can hear it with MY headphones in from across the room. Yay me in the words of my mom, bubbles, you get a gold star for that x]

props for being controversial! names and everything… you’re thuch a badath. yaaay,…yaaaayy haha etc etc

and on that note…

i <3 catz.

No sports today and Im too lazy to do homework…and now Im bored. Like hella bored.same…and i have A LOT to do :(

But theres a ton of new tv shows on! i think i’m gonna watch flight of the conchords :D

OMG SHE JUST GOT SHOT! wow…gotta love Fringe.

Yeah so anywhosie, sitting here watching tv on my computer and getting mad at my internet for being a bitch is fun. soo much fun


but its raining today :) which is a plus…sorta…


oh yeah, SHIT!!!

ok, so i’ve decided, we need something ‘controversial’ to blog about..thaat would be interesting, and then we’d have something to write!


it can’t be like anything regularly controversial, like: abortion, gay rights, etc. etc.

so guys: any ideas?


You’ve got to commend him on his dancing skillz tho. Not everyone can do that…

Well hes good and all but nothing can top Shakira…

Welll… I only wish I had a funny video of a fat guy dancing. But I don’t. sorry.



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